Access to GSAs Yields Happier, Better Adjusted Youth...

Contrary to current research, proponents of “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” have argued that the trans identity in some youth could possibly be due to “social contagion” (ie being around youth who identify as trans and taking on the identity themselves though it is not authentic) and thereby urge parents be cautious when around allowing trans youth access to their peers via friends, GSAs, and online resources, so as to limit their exposure to the “contagion”.

There is extensive literature to document that social supports - these same friends, GSAs, and online resources - actually improve the lives and outcomes for these youth. Below is a piece from the publication of the American Federation of Teachers.

Gay-Straight Alliances

Promoting Student Resilience and Safer School Climates

Published in: American Educator. Winter 2016-2017. Author: V. Paul Poteat.

“Students in schools with GSAs report lower mental and physical health concerns, greater overall well-being, less drug use, less truancy, and greater perceived school safety than students in schools without GSAs. These findings now have been documented across a range of studies at local and national levels. Other studies have recorded feedback from GSA members who attribute instances of personal growth and empowerment, as well as a range of other positive experiences, to their GSA involvement.”