Call To Action

We hereby call on all medical and mental health organizations committed to the wellbeing of transgender individuals and the transgender community to formally reject "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria" as a notion harmful to vulnerable youth.

Modern research makes unequivocal that affirmative treatment philosophies – approaches in which the individual’s gender identity is supported through use of their chosen name and preferred pronouns, and in which there is a safe environment for the individual to explore and express their inner sense of self – yield positive outcomes.  The current literature also makes plain that the high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidality often seen in the trans community are in large part due to a hostile society and family rejection.

Additionally, it comes as no surprise that those promoting ROGD have extensive histories of encouraging ‘reparative’ and ‘conversion’ therapy, methodologies seen as antithetical to mental health and formally outlawed in many localities.

As such, “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” runs counter to evidence based treatment and should be officially repudiated by all major medical and mental health associations, as well as all organizations devoted to the wellbeing of transgender individuals and community.