Trans Youth: Digging Beneath the Surface: Factors That Facilitate Or Impede Trans Youth Well-being in Quebec

“Quebec has one of the leading identity-affirming clinics for trans kids, the Gender Variance Clinic of the Mon- treal Children’s Hospital. This fact sheet aims at presenting oppressive factors and structures that negatively influence the well-being of trans youth as well as aspects that contribute to it…”

  • “Experiences and Dynamics in the Healthcare System: Healthcare system is a primary contributor to participants’ well-being (gender specific or general care), yet, resources in this system are not trans affirmative. Indeed, because of their gender identity, even when the services they are seeking are not transition-related, barriers to access and fear of negative treatment from healthcare professionals are an issue…”

  • “Other Institutional Spaces: Schools, Child Protection Services, Justice System - Participants feel that those institutions are positive in their lives as long as they are affirming of their identity…”

  • “Family relations and Other Social circles: Family support, in the form of feeling loved, accepted, and supported by immediate and extended family, is a significant resource to help participants cope with difficulties in other spheres of their lives. However, family can also be a source of fear and anxiety (when being rejected, or kicked out). Explicit lack of parental support is detrimental to participants’ well-being…” 

  • “Community spaces: Trans youth identified trans and LGBTQ+ non-governmental organizations (NGOs), support agencies, and other community spaces as an important source of support and information (student unions for example). Online spaces (social medias and web) were also identified as important to affirm their identity…”